Parents are People, Too - CampHacker #7

In this week's podcast we talk about developing a positive attitude in your staff (and yourself!) when dealing with parents.

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This week we are excited to have with us Nathan Brant from the South Mountain Y in Pennsylvania.   Nathan runs a residential camp and a day camp there as well as outdoor education and family programs.   Nathan is just about to release a free book of essays on the state of the summer camp called Trail Heads.  Dan and I both have essays in the book and I have had a chance to read the proof - it's awesome.  We'll post a link to the book when it has it's official release.  You should also check out Nathan's Summer Camp Source blog - he wrote a great piece about our discussion here today.

Have you seen staff members roll their eyes when they get a call from a camper's parents? What do you do to train your staff to understand the parent's side of things?

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