Quick Tips to Effectively Market Your Camp This Fall - CampHacker #72

Our Best Summer Camp Marketing Tips

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Want to get your fall rolling with fast, effective marketing tips?  This is the show for you!

Gab and I had a chance to do one of our favourite kind of shows - rapid-fire, back-and-forth answers to questions directly from you, the audience.

Since it's the first show of the fall season people are telling us that they are super-focussed on setting their camp up for a good season of marketing.  They're also saying that marketing camp has become very overwhelming.   

In this show Gab and I answer your questions.

WAIT!  What happened to #71?   It's coming! It was a bit non-traditional so our process is goofed. Listen for it soon.

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis - NeuYear calendars
Gab - Long days at camp? Keep your iPhone charged Boostcase

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Thanks for the evening, friends.