The daunting process of building a new website was mitigated by Travis who consulted with my designer and me to create a fresh look, enhance the user experience and help me increase sales.
— Joanna Warren Smith: Camp Consulting Services.

Camp Consultant

Camp Consultant Travis Allison

Camp Consultant Travis Allison

Travis Allison is a driven, passionate and charismatic multi-media professional. He is active as professional speaker, marketeer, consultant and photographer catering to diverse customers, including summer camps and private schools.

Hailing from Woodstock, ON, Canada, Travis set out to gain extensive know-how and expertise within areas such as community-building, blogging and online marketing, providing PR and marketing services for his customers.

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10 Things You Don't Know About Travis

  1. I lied to my campers. I have 2 scars on my torso from having moles removed when I was young... I used to tell my campers that my friend Davey Bowring shot me when I was 12 (but it was TOTALLY an accident).
  2. I will find any excuse in the world to miss the rowdy part of campfire... and sneak in for the quiet songs with all the harmonies. 
  3. Speaking of music: I used to make our staff to tune all of their instruments to MY guitar. I had a good reason!  I used a tuner and wanted everyone to be able to get comfortable playing along in a group but couldn't stand it when the instruments were just a little bit out of tune.
  4. I would give "farm kids" way more credit in the staff hiring process than "city kids".   I thought they were better at working hard and problem solving. This conclusion came, partly, from experiences and partly my own farm kid bias. 
  5. I own more cameras than I own socks. 
  6. Four generations of my family have been campers at Camp Kintail.
  7. I'm never without a pen and notebook.

  8. Everyday I miss the part of being a camp director where I go to work with my hands.  Somedays, I feel like I type for a living.

  9. Growing up in a small village, with cousins I hung out with everyday, a tight church community, and people that I went to school with for 14 years has pushed me to build communities (such as the Summer Camp Professionals and Go Camp Pro) in every way I can. 

  10. Being at camp with our family and cooking for the staff on their first Orientation weekend makes me so happy I sometimes find myself getting teary. 

Professional Speaker

I am writing to thank you for all that you have done for Longacre this year. We recently wrapped up a great summer. We set records for campers, up 67%, camper days, up 37%, and revenue, up 25%. Even better, we are optimistic about 2015 and beyond.

Our progress would not have been possible without you. We have a more mature presentation on our website, we better articulate our value proposition, we better communicate with existing families, and we reach far more prospects than ever before, including those in faraway places.
— Matt Smith, Owner/Director. Longacre Leadership, Pennsylvania

If you are interested in having Travis come speak at your event please fill in this form.  You can find more information at Travis Allison, Speaker.

Check out my 5 Concepts for the Next 5 Years presentation below.

For more of my presentations please check out Travis Allison on Slideshare.

We hired Travis at Kandalore to assist us in development and refinement of our Social Media strategy. Travis provided excellent guidance and direction in this area for us allowing us to leverage our social media presence into a valuable piece of our overall marketing strategy. His enthusiasm, energy and knowledge in this area is exceptional and I have no hesitations in recommending his work.
— Dave Graham, Executive Director
I just wanted to tell you that I caught your presentation about marketing and Youtube, and it was by FAR the best session I saw at all of Tri-State.
Blew the top of my head off.
I need to process my thoughts, and then I will be getting back to you. It highlighted a whole lot of what we’re not doing, and not doing well. Bravo.
— Tri-State Camp Conference attendee