You gave it to your staff, why not give it to yourself?

There is a support/cheerleading/push-you-when-you-need-it group for you

It is up to you to find it. 

Yep, that should come from your CEO or your camp owner or the Board of Directors but you can't count on that.    

People that should rarely do.   Should weighs on people.  It makes them feel like they will fail and everybody tries to run from failure.  

Instead, why not find your own support team?   

A small group of people that will have your back and will hold you accountable to create great stuff for your camp and not fall into I really should answer these 73 emails. 

At CampHacker we call that a Mastermind Group.   I've belonged to many Masterminds over the years and I'm working on gathering up just the right folks to start a new one for myself. 

If you know just the right group of people and you want to bring them together as a Group please check out our post How to Begin and Run a Mastermind Group for Summer Camp Leaders.

We believe so strongly in the power of Masterminds that that process is going to become a central tenant of what CampHacker provides to our clients.   

We hope you'll join one of our year-long, facilitated groups.  We look after all the organizing, note taking and accountability reminders for you!

Apply to join a CampHacker Mastermind Group