Making Campers Global Citizens - CampHacker #45

Summer Camp Lessons for the Rest of Your Life


Like many of you, camp changed by life.  I have often talked on the show about how I changed from a very nerdy kid into a nerdy adult with social skills. I do believe that one of the best moments of my life was when my counsellor Ian took me aside and said “Travis, you will make a great camp counsellor”.

There were other impacts of camp ask I got older, too.   I know that my environmental and social justice thinking comes directly from my camp director, Bob Faris, and the counsellors that worked for him.  Even my motto “Consume Less and Create More” can be traced back to lessons I learned while a camper at Kintail.

In this week’s show David, Gab and Joe share some brilliant ideas of how they inspire their campers to be great global citizens.  Listen in for some concrete examples that you can start to implement for next summer.

How to you inspire your campers to think of others outside of their camp and home communities?

Tool of the Week – Make yourself a better Camp Director

Travis: Yes! 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive 
Gab: - GoPro Camera App
Joe: Book - Gold Nuggets - Readings for Experiential Education
David: Google Drive

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