What can summer camps learn from Toyota - CampHacker #46

Implementing a Lean productivity system at you camp.

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When Toyota wanted to find ways to save time and money in their manufacturing process they began to create a system that has come to be known as Lean.   In the Lean system you examine all areas of your business to make sure you are “creating more value for customers with fewer resources” (Lean.org).

It was our pleasure to have Jack Schott with us for this discussion.  Jack was the program director at Camp Stella Maris last summer and he and Laura Kriegel are spending their time touring and volunteering at camps this fall and winter.

We were inspired to start this discussion because of a cool YouTube video that I had seen on inventory management at a Hospital.

Jack was invaluable in the discussion because his education has focussed on industrial systems.  He was able to give us some background and talk through ways of implementing the system at camps.

Check out this inspirational video:

In what ways have you changed systems at your camp to save time and money?


Tool of the Week – Make yourself a better Camp Director

Travis: Kanban Flow - task management 
Joe: Rubber Maid Bins - clear top and clear sides - teambuilding equipment storage
Dan: Wiffle Ball stadium @ Camp Jewell
Gab: Ted Talk: Why we have too few women leaders
Jack: Grout Sponges


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Thanks for the evening, friends.