Camperships - CampHacker #44

Financial Aid for Summer Camp


Winter is coming...

But so is next summer and so we thought we should take some time to talk about how we support families who can not afford to send their children to camp.

We all have different names for our programs that help cover the cost of camp: campership, scholarship, bursary, financial aid; but we are united in purpose.  We want camp to be available for all kids.
In this week’s CampHacker podcast we talk about the criteria that we use to give out the funds and creative ideas for raising the money.
As a campership kid, myself, I know that support from my church to attend Camp Kintail has led me to truly appreciate the camp opportunities that I have been given.

We are please to welcome back Jacqui Raill from Camp Ouareau and Paul Sheridan from Four Winds.  It was wonderful to have their perspective on Campership.

Do you have a creative way of raising money to assist families with sending their children to camp?

Please leave us a note in the comments below or tweet us @CampHacker with your suggestion.

Tool of the Week – make yourself a better Camp Director

Paul: Magic the Gathering (nerd alert!)
Jacqui: Online Postage Service, Paperless Post
Travis: Secure Director to Staff Texting, Remind 101
Joe: Campership Conference, Buckeye Leadership Workshop
Smartphone Podcast Application, Stitcher

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