Planning Perfect Programs - CampHacker #43

Evaluating Your Summer Camp Programs


How do you know if your programs are working?  What would make you add a new program that you hadn’t considered before?

In this week’s CampHacker podcast we talked about summer camp program areas and how we know if they are working or if we need to change them.   

I really appreciated Gab’s story of how Ouareau came to add Crossfit to their program.   Listen to the show for details.

The last segment of our discussion revolved around trends that we are seeing that we think could be come big camp activities in the future.

What interesting trends are you keeping your eye on and thinking of for camp activities?
Please leave us a note in the comments below or tweet us @CampHacker with your suggestion.

Tool of the Week – make yourself a better Camp Director

Dan: "The Dollar$ and Cents of Operating a Camp" by M. Deborah Bialeschki, PhD
Joe: Six Person Crokinole - Boards from Willard:
Travis: MyDlink camera
Gab: Organization can be fun: Action Method

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