Site Surprises - CampHacker #42

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Summer Camp.


No one likes a surprise... when it comes in the form of a hurricane, a septic implosion or a building roof falling in.

In this week’s CampHacker Podcast, Dan, Joe and Travis talk about some of their biggest site surprises.   Of course, Frost Valley takes the cake with the destruction that hurricane Irene brought to their property Labour Day 2011.

We have a few ideas to share:  Pearce Williams has just done a huge site evaluation to determine their site needs for the foreseeable future, Frost Valley is getting better and better at understanding the depreciation of their site and working hard to keep it’s value.

If you are interested you can download the Lifecycle Report that I mentioned in the show.  It’s a tool to keep track of the your major buildings and programs and plan for their eventual replacement.

What can we do to inspire our staff to become even better in the second half of the summer? 
How do you keep a record of your building and program depreciation?

Tool of the Week – make yourself a better Camp Director

Dan: Yearbook (Adobe InDesign & a printer) 
Joe: Getting Things Done - Workshops & supplies
Travis: Smoke Machine - on sale

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