Treat Your Summer Staff Right - CampHacker #65

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Providing a Special Place at Camp for Your Summer Staff

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We’ve had lots of discussions on the Camp Pros group on Facebook about how we talk to staff about putting their campers first.  I think that is essential to what we do.  

However, it was a great little reminder of our camp director responsibilities when Joel Egbert reached out to me and suggested we focus, for one episode, on putting staff first.   

I often surprised people when I said that my job was not to look after kids - Beth and I believed that our job was to look after the people who looked after the kids - our staff.

On this week’s podcast our co-hosts share some fantastic ideas of ways to make the summer experience wonderful for our staff.

It has to be a huge part of our job - we’ve got to make up for the long hours and low pay.

No, we didn’t talk about having a sundae party. We we’re thinking much bigger than that!

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis - Panasonic Lumix GX-7
Joe - Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities
Gab - Theories of Small Group Development
Joel - Animoto, slideshow creator. 
Topher - Taking the example of popular websites uploaded content to give customers content in similar styles that they are used to. (ex. Look at and and compare it to the Camp Grey website and Youtube channel.)

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