Fantastic Family Camps - CampHacker #64

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Family Camps can be an awesome option for camps. Our co-hosts were unanimous in their support for the idea.

Here's are some of the reason's that we all love family camp:

  • It's a great way to give staff a break from the routine of the summer.  Some of us have camps that run at the beginning of the summer (and give staff a "practice" for the season), in the middle (a time off for some staff and a reward to work Family Camp for others), and at the send of the season (a strong farewell to the summer).
  • Family Camp allows families to "try" camp for their kids.  It's a perfect soft introduction to the routines, songs and food.
  • Family Camp allows parent's to get a feel for the people who will be looking after their children.   It builds trust. 

We hope you enjoy this show.  If you have any questions please let us know.

We're going to do a Part II episode shortly where we'll focus on what programs to run and how to promote your Family Camp.

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