Recruiting Great Staff - CampHacker #55

Find better staff than just those looking for a summer job

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Getting great staff can be a VERY long process. As we said in this episode, sometimes it take a lifetime (10 years as a camper and a CIT/LIT program).  

Our most successful methods for finding camp staff:

  • recommendations from current staff

  • posing information with language schools with which you have a relationship (how Ouareau gets some great international staff

  • asking staff who have not applied if they would consider it

  • using camp staffing services

One thing that we all agreed on: just because a person was a good camper does not mean they will be a good staff member.  This seems to be most true for people who skipped the CIT/LIT program and took a couple of summers off.   Of course like any “rule” about people, we all have had some great exceptions to the rule.

Have you ever taught your staff who to look for?  This is what a Your-Camp-Name person acts like?  

Gab was kind enough to share with us the Ouareau Staff Information Package download it with this link: Ouareau's Staff Information Package

What do you do to recognize you staff when they send you good people?

 Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section, below.


Tool of the Week – Make yourself a better Camp Director

Travis: ReadQuick app Joe: Batch Picture Resize app
Dan: Planetary Design French Press Mug
Gab: Custom animated logos for video


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