10 Quick Tips to Improve your Camp Staff Training - CampHacker #54

Make the most of your training this summer.

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BURPS. SQRT. Ignite. Pocket Counsellors.  Review Crew.


I don't know about you, but sometimes thinking about staff training makes my back hurt. The long sessions on the lodge floor can sometimes seem like a daunting thing to not only sit through, but for directors, to plan out. You have 7, (sometimes even less) days to set your staff up for success and a lot of information to get across. However, no matter how daunting it can be, we know that pre-camp training has the potential to be a time of incredible growth for our staff. 

In this episode of the CampHacker Podcast, Travis and Gab talk about their best staff training ideas that you can easily implement into your training this summer!

What ways do you make your staff training extraordinary? Please feel free to comment below and keep the conversation going!

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