ReIntegrating Your Camp People To The Mundane World: CampHacker #21


Helping staff move back to school

During this week's show we talked about ways that we can make sure that our camp people do well when they move home from camp.

Speaking personally, I always struggled with the transition back home after a summer of adventures and responsibilities.   It was important to me, therefore, to be really conscientious about helping our staff transition back in to their home life.

I'd also like to thank Jill Tipograph, from Everything Summer, for writing the article that inspired this topic.  Jill is a consultant who helps families find the right camp for their children.  You can read her article, Summer Camp Decompression, by clicking the link.  I recommend you file it away for next August!

We are pleased to introduce a new co-host: Ryne Witt from the San Antonio YMCA Camp Flaming Arrow.

What do you do to make moving home a smooth experience for your camp people?

Tool of the Week – make yourself a better Camp Director

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