CampHacker Interview with Ask Doctor G (Dr Deborah Gilboa)

Good Day Camp Mavericks!

Travis here!  I'm stepping in for Matt as he's editing the "big show" (and getting ready for camp!). 

I had an awesome conversation with Dr. Deborah Gilboa - many of you know her as an amazing parenting expert, or you may follow her AskDoctorG YouTube channel - this morning.   We spoke about her early camp experiences, what she learned from being a camp counsellor and how camps can best demonstrate to parents their sincere interest in being a great resource to families. 

It was a fun morning!


We mentioned on this call the co-operative effort that a small bunch of Camp Mavs are working on to create a growing list of "being useful to parents" resources.  If you want to be a contributor and get access, bring a useful link to   Anyone who contributes gets links to the whole list!

To speak to Dr G about a bundle for your camp you can email: