WOW Camp Parents With Last Minute Communication - CampHacker #69

Surprise and Delight Your Summer Camp Parents

Giving camp parents an experience that they will remember and recommend to their friends is one of the most important aspects of our job.  There are many opportunities to give them a “WOW”.

Perhaps one point of contact with parents that we don’t put enough effort into is our final communications with them.   Our last calls and emails before a camp session starts help parents get a feel for how seriously we take our job.   It’s a chance for us to show them who the #CampPros are.

I know I say each of the podcasts was awesome… because it’s true!  This one is no different.  Listen in to hear Marc Cooper (Camp Tamarack director) blow our minds with some projects from Fiverr!

What are you going to do to surprise and delight your camp families before summer starts?

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis -
Joe -  Brinno time lapse camera
Marc -

Marc was last on the show for our Happy Kitchen, Happy Camp episode.  It's great to have him back!

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