Family Camp Programming & Promotion - CampHacker #67

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Building up the Best Family Camp Program

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It was great to have Megan back on the program this week as we come back around to talk about two more elements of Family Camp - Promoting it and Programming for it.   

Thanks to Catalina Island Camps director, Tom Horner, for joining us for the first time on the show!  Check out
Catalina Island’s Family Camp that they run in partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau & the Ocean Futures Society.

In our last
Family Camp episode we talked about some of the big reasons why a Family Camp session  (or 3!) would help your summer camp.   On this episode we shared some great ideas of how camps can promote the program.

Now that you have a full Family Camp it’s time to run an amazing program!  

Each director on the panel had amazing ideas for the 3 kinds of programming that you typically see at Family Camp: kids only activities, adult only activities and activities for the whole family to do together.

What’s activity is the biggest hit at your Family Camp?

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

Travis - The Promise of a Pencil 
Dan -  Nutureshock by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman 
Gab - Internation Camping Congress, 23-27 October 2014
Megan - Springpad
Tom - IST Sports for great snorkelling gear -

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