Changing Culture at Camp - CampHacker #52

Making culture changes with your staff and campers

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As a camp director one of the big career challenges in our job is changing the culture of our camps.     I know, as a first year director, there were more things that I wanted to change than I could ever do effectively in 2 months.  I had to prioritize.   For my first summer I just needed our staff to focus on keeping the campers safe.

Every year after that we worked to make our camp the best possible program we could.   The big change was when we first implemented Beth’s 4 S Test 

Paul and Joe have some great ideas from their many years of camp.  Each has their own stories of making change as big as the whole camp culture.

Have you made big culture changes at your camp? Please let us know how you made it work in the comments

Tool of the Week – Make yourself a better Camp Director

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