Partnering with Parents - CampHacker #58

Building a Great Relationship with Camper Parents

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Sometimes, as a camp staff member, you can see the worst side of parents.  When they are stressed out and they think something could go wrong with their child they can have very intense reactions.   Sometimes that reaction gets aimed at their camp director or their child’s counsellor.

A big part of our discussion today centred around how to build a great relationship with camp parents.   Some of the ideas were for before a child even got to camp (Marty and Camp Chief Ouray have an amazing idea you should steal!), for your staff training period and for during the child’s time at camp.

Thank you to Marty for finding a quiet place to get away to record!

How do you teach your staff to work well with you camp parents?

Tool of the Week – Make yourself a better Camp Director

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Camp Director’s Brian Sense’s TED Talk  “Risk: The four-letter word vital to an inspired, fulfilled and happy life.”
Marty: CAP Time

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