Protecting Yourself and Your Staff - CampHacker #14

Training camp staff to be mindful of potential false abuse allegations

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It was a great discussion last week and a pleasure to have Jennifer Selke back on the show.    I was also thrilled to welcome "Brother Bill" Stevens, Camp Director of Camp Big Canoe in Muskoka, Ontario.

As Camp Directors we face many challenges.  Such a big part of our job involves protection: protecting our campers and even protecting the camp.   But we must also be conscious of protecting the young adults that work for us.

This podcast we talked about teaching our staff to protect themselves from false allegations of abuse.  It is so important that they have a solid understanding of the risk that they take on and that they are constantly cautious.

What do you do to protect your staff from false allegations of abuse?

Tool of the Week – make yourself a better Camp Director

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