Do Kids Need a Summer Camp Technology Vacation? CampHacker #10

Unplug at Summer Camp

We talked this week about technology.   It's probably pretty obvious that we believe that modern technology is a boost to summer camps, however, our question this week: Is technology always good for our campers?  Should camp be the "place apart" where children can learn to use their imagination with out computers?

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Dan was gracious enough to share with us a bit of information from his Masters thesis, which is on this very topic. He has written and spoken on this topic at many camp conferences.

It was great to have with us this week Rebecca Jess from Cairn, the camp that Beth and I used to Direct.  Thanks for joining us, Palais!

What do you think?  Is there a NEED for a place like camp for kids to unplug?

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Thanks for the evening, friends.