Budget and Pricing of Camp - CampHacker #95

Living, Breathing, Budgets & Camp Pricing

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Open Excel, dig out your calculators, and put your number-crunching hats on!

Let's get real here. Budgeting definitely isn't one the glamorous parts of Camp Directing. Besides cleaning out a septic tank, it may be the least glamorous. Even so, your budget may in fact be the most important thing your camp can invest time into this fall and winter.

Your camp's budget is the foundation for both your short and long-term plans for the coming year. As well, you, as one of the most "on-the-ground" people at camp need to be involved in creating, understanding, and keeping the budget updated. A detailed, updated budget will allow you to make informed decisions on where your money is going to go and how much you need to bring in. With the budget's information under your belt, you can make well informed decisions on things like your camp's pricing!

On this episode of the CampHacker Podcast, the "Business Brain Trust" (aka - Travis, Joe, Johnathon Lee and Sarah Kurtz McKinnon), have re-assembled to talk all about their best budgeting practices and how the budget can paint clearer pictures when it comes to looking at your camp's pricing. As well, tune in to hear about the host's philosophies when it comes to setting your camp's fees to reflect a professional, competitive business.

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Johnathon: Dewalt Drill/Driver 

Sarah: TurboScan App -  iOS II Android

Joe: Levenger Pocket Briefcase

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