Staff Applications Are Part Of Your Training - Camp Code #39

Best Practices For Your Employment Application

Puzzled by why you can't seem to find the right staff each summer? Perhaps it is because of the wording, structure, and requirements of your staff application. Gab, Beth, and Ruby discuss the must-dos (and a few must-don'ts) to help you start your staff training before your people are even hired.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Is there a way to add a creative element to your staff application so folks with a wide variety of talents can exhibit their strengths? Have you thought about sharing your expectations for a job at your program via video, podcast, or original song? Using visual tools and letting applicants hear from you and other people really sets the tone for community building and gets the expectations across in your tone.

Hey check it out - Camp Widjiwagan in Nashville, TN is already doing that!
Green River Preserve's Essential Functions for a Staff Member

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