Cleaning Up After the "Perfect Storm" Summer - Camp Code #38

Training for Leading When You Think "What Else Could Go Wrong?"

As camp people, we sometimes find ourselves looking around thinking "Universe, what else could you possible throw at me?" and sometimes that all happens before 9 AM. Some summers are just like that and often it is due to circumstances totally out of your control. This episode will talk about how to heal and recover from the "perfect storm" summer and how to lead your team when it feels like very little went right.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Build a relationship with a local mediation organization. Face it, in camping, we are in the relationship business and sometimes an objective ear and voice can be the key to working through conflicts. Often these organizations may be able to provide training for your year-round and seasonal staff as well.


Back on Track

The Mediation Center (Western North Carolina) (Find a Mediator near you)