Building Confidence in Leaders - Camp Code #24

Training Camp Leaders to Step Up and Exceed Their Potential


As camp professionals we want what is best for our camper families. For this to happen, staff must be at their absolute best. For staff to give 100% commitment, they must feel good about themselves. Staff members must fully understand the mission of the organization and have a keen knowledge of where their support systems are throughout the summer. Millenials may be labeled as unconfident, unsure, and constantly desiring feedback but the Camp Code team thinks they make wonderful leaders and explain how to get your young leaders to reach their full potential.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Add a spot at bottom of lesson plan or curriculum for your training sessions for “What would I have done differently?” After running a session, write down quick notes based on a  self-evaluation of the session. What would be more effective if shifted around? What seemed to really speak to the staff? If there are training pieces or “I wish I had done…” moments, then you can add some of those throughout the rest of the summer. This process will really help when planning for the next year.