Best of #ACANat15 - Camp Code #23

Staff Training Take Homes for Camp Leaders

When camp professionals gather for a conference, there is much to be learned. With the backdrop of jazz music and beignets, the Camp Code team was fortunate enough to gather in New Orleans for the American Camp Association National Conference. Highlights included the opening keynote starting with a marching band, meeting Dr. G. in person, and all three Camp Code hosts meeting in person together, and then presenting a session together too.
In this episode, the Camp Code team reflects on their key take homes from the week of networking, education, and fun.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe
Notes from "I'm Going to Make This Place Your Home"
Tool: Evaluation of your camp day - Ritual vs routine

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Thanks to Scott Arizala's presentation at the National Conference for this tip. Today's best practice is backward induction. First, set the goal and then work backwards so staff will know, do, and believe everything about their job. Start with with the end product and figure out the steps immediately proceeding reaching that end goal. Next write down the steps for those steps and so on until you have worked backward to where you are standing right now. This process helps take a seemingly huge task and break it down into smaller projects while also building your program as intentionally as possible.

A big thanks to all of our listeners who attended our session at #ACANat15! We loved meeting each of you. Please remember to tweet your love for the show and leave us a rating and review on iTunes.