Teaching Them To Teach - Camp Code #6

Building Camp Staff Leadership Skills

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Summer Camp Staff Training Podcast

What we do is so much more than help children to have fun; we are at camp to develop the whole person. We are teaching not only specific hard skills like sailing or climbing or the j stroke but we are also teaching soft skills like  communication, conflict resolution, and  resiliency. So it’s important that our staff members understand (a) that they are teachers every moment of every day and (b) they understand how to be creative, intentional, well-prepared instructors.

A Best Practice for Leadership Training:

The games and activities that we actually play are not made to just go through the motions. As we develop our skills at camp, sometimes the intent behind what we are doing gets lost.  What are your goals, what do you want the end picture to look like?  Make sure staff members experience the intent behind what you are doing.