Significant Others + Reaching Out - Staff Training sessions

Summer Camp Counsellors Make an Impact

Beth Allison summer camp trainer

Beth Allison summer camp trainer

Significant Others

This is a great exercise to do during Pre-Camp as your staff begin to think of the impact they will make on campers this summer.  Ask the staff to think of 4 people who have had a significant influence on their life either in person or by learning about them.  Ask them to WIBYT ("write it before you talk" -- thanks Michael Brandwein!) their answers (either in their journals or on separate sheets of paper). Ask each person to think about the following questions and to be prepared to share their answers:

  • How did you get to know them?
  • What has impressed you about them?
  • How would your life have been different if you hadn’t known them?

Put your staff members into groups of 3 or 4 and allow them time to share their answers. Encourage them to ask questions of one another.

Reaching Out 

Now ask them to brainstorm together the differences these significant people have made in their lives and in the lives of other.  Ask for concrete examples of how these people have produced positive changes one action, one act of faith, or one small step at a time.

Now ask your staff to WIBYT answers to these questions:

  • For what do I feel most thankful?
  • What makes me feel incredible gratitude?
  • What kinds of things make me angry?
  • What are the most important values to me?
  • What 5 values guide me as I move through life?
  • What kind of courage and support do I need to reach out and become a significant other to someone else?

Have them get into partners and share some of what they wrote.  Specifically, ask them to look at their lists and choose one issue that makes them feel passionately about making a difference at camp this summer.  Ask the partners to agree to support one another this summer and help each other to ignite this passion in them and give them the strength and courage to become a person of positive influence.  It might be a great idea to ask your staff members during meetings throughout the summer to share some of the things they have seen others do throughout the week to become a person of positive influence.