End of Summer: Camp Family Survey

You Must Survey Your Summer Camp Families

Making art at Camp Kintail

Without feedback from your campers you have absolutely no way of knowing how it went from their perspective.

We have devised a VERY simple survey that we find:

  • is fast to answer and therefore many camp families will fill it in
  • answers the most important question: Will you recommend us to other families? Why or why not?

The CampHacker Family Survey

  1. Why did you choose Camp ________ for your child(ren)'s summer camp?
  2. When other parents are looking for a summer experience for their children do you refer them to Camp ________? Why or why not?
  3. Why do you keep sending your children to Camp _________?
  4. What could we do for your family that we don’t already?
  5. What do we do at Camp _________ that other camps don’t?
  6. What phrase(s) would you use to search the internet for a camp like ours?