Serving Others at Summer Camp

It's All About Serving Campers


Having had the privilege of working with youth for decades now has taught me that they really do want to do something important with their lives and often just need a nudge in the right direction.  At camp, we have the opportunity not only to role model this kind of living but also to intentionally discuss it with our campers and staff. This week, we offer up 2 ideas that you can put in your arsenal for next summer - for pre-camp training, for working with your Leaders in Training, or for working with your teen campers.

In Service to Others

Ask your youth to get into pairs.  Have them discuss their answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is the most others-centered person you know?  What impresses you about him or her?
  2. How have you been served by a person or group in the past 6 months?  Have you experienced a significant act of kindness and service?
  3. Share an experience you have had with serving someone or something that has been beneficial in your life.

After you have had ample time for discussion, divide into groups of 3 or 4.  Within 15-30 minutes, have each group perform a small service project around the camp where they practice at least one random act of kindness (they may choose to leave a note for the kitchen staff thanking them for all the hard work, they may choose to clean the bathrooms, or they may set and decorate for the next meal, etc.)  The purpose is to show that we can find a simple and creative way to serve in a short amount of time.  Gather together before you are all finished and have each group share their experiences.