Helping Staff Know If Their Gifts are Best Used at Camp or Elsewhere - Camp Code #51

Training staff for when it is time to move on

Every camp director has had that staff member who needs to move on from camp but having the conversation can be difficult. Tune in to hear Beth, Gabz, and Ruby share their best tips for having those conversations now and how to build this idea of "growing elsewhere" into your camp culture so anyone in your community understands that it may be in everyone's best interest to move on. 

Best Practice for Leadership Training

After a session during training and the possibility of moving on, have staff write you a short letter on their own. Get each person to write to you, the camp director, and to fill in the blanks.

Dear [Camp Director]

If I am ever exhibiting these behaviors:_______________________________please sit down and have the talk with me. 

I'll be scared to leave camp and try something new, but if you say these things to me,_______________________________, it would be helpful. 

I know you are always thinking of the best interests of camp and of me and I also know that I will always have a place here and this will always be my home. And here are ways I'd like to have this conversation:

(Add your own ending/sign off)

Then, partner staff up and have them read their letters out loud. Be sure to tell them that you will be doing this as part of the activity so staff don't feel like they have to share things that are to deeply personal.