Training for Satellite and Offsite Staff - Camp Code #45

Teaching trip and expedition leaders to carry on traditions and build networks of support

If your camp runs programming with staff that are off-site for most of the season, this podcast is for you! Beth and Ruby discuss best practices for carrying on camp traditions, setting these staffers up for success, and providing support and training even if you are on different sides of the continent.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

Given that it is the beginning of June when this podcast is being released and most listeners are diving into the crazy season, the Camp Code team wants to remind you of the importance of self-care. If the somewhat modified words of RuPaul "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else. Can I get an Amen?" Remember that the extra hour of sleep now will benefit you exponentially towards the middle and end of the season. That project can wait! Take care of yourself and teach your staff strategies for doing so as well.


Hey! Maybe you are asking "Yo, Camp Code Team - what's up with only putting out eight episodes this season?" We were fortunate to be able to go to present at several camp conferences this spring in person, together, and were also fortunate to get to meet many many listeners. This meant that time to record podcasts was a bit slimmer than in previous years because we were prepping for awesome in-person sessions. A big thanks to every person who came to any of our workshops and to all the folks who gave a quick shout out when you saw any of us walking by. It is so cool to connect with our listeners and we are looking forward to another kicking season when we return in the fall. Have a most wonderful summer and thanks for the listening friends.

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