Balance of Theory and Practice for Training - Camp Code #47

Deciding what to tell and what to practice during leadership training

It can be tricky to strike a balance between sharing with staff why certain topics they learn during staff training are important with the time invested in practicing the skills they are taught. Join Beth, Gab, and Ruby for a discussion about how to get just the right mix of thinking and discussion and hands-on activities for your training this year.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

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At the end of your week, write out all the things you want or need to get done for when you return to work. Then take a critical look at your list and evaluate whether what's there is doable for one day. Reassign deadlines or weed out tasks as you see fit.

When you return to work (after the weekend or after vacation), reassess your list and set realistic deadlines for the tasks on your list as you plan for your week.

Give yourself permission to go on vacation and turn off the ever-running to do list that is the camp director brain.