Summer Flings and Healthy Partnerships: Training for Relationships at Camp - Camp Code #34

Training Staff How to Treat One Another

Ah...the birds and the bees and the smell of hormones at camp in the summertime. Whether in a single gender or co-ed environment, the reality is people fall in love at camp. And some people think they fall in love at camp. It makes sense as folks are living and working closely together and acting genuinely and passionately day in and day out. Many of your staff likely have common values in life and when they find each other at camp, it can be a beautiful thing. Or it can be disruptive and fueled by drama. Today's podcast focuses on how to train your staff on what it means to have a relationship at camp and some best practices that Beth, Gab, and Ruby have found can lead to a drama-free summer.


Best Practice for Leadership Training

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note to provide praise and establish that you acknowledge the impactful work another person is doing. Whether it is an employee, a supervisor, a conference presenter, or a random person you encounter in life, everyone can appreciate a small token of acknowledgement from another person.