Training for Camp Directors for Detoxing from Summer - Camp Code #27

This business of camp is hard. You must rest.

Hooray! The off-season is upon us! The campers have gone home and your staff are returning to their mundane lives. It is time to start all over again. But wait! It is critical for directors to understand that there is a certain "detox" period from camp every year. Everybody experiences this re-programming a little differently and the Camp Code team returns for the podcast's third season to share tips as well as their challenges with adjusting back to off-season camp director life.

Best Practice for Leadership Training

At the end of the summer, consider yourself an athlete in recovery. Olympians wouldn't be asked to jump right back in the pool and compete at his highest level immediately after the Olympics have concluded. You need time to recharge and reflect and get away. At your next annual review, ask your supervisors for the time you need at the end of the summer and for these days to not count as your vacation days. Consider asking to work only half days the week after camp. Perhaps your only responsibility for that week is keep up with email. Or, perhaps you will turn on your vacation reply and have a staycation. Make a list now for what you need at the end of next summer and ask for it.

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