12 Things You Should Say During Your Staff Training - Camp Code #1

Essential Leadership Training Statements for Summer Camp 

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Here you'll find a list of the 12 sentences that should come from your lips during training and why these words are so powerful.

  1. Your time is valuable and I am going to respect that. 
  2. Marketing for next year begins opening day of camp this year. 
  3. This is not last summer. 
  4. What are your expectations for me/admin staff/leadership team? 
  5. This is our "boysenberry".
  6. Let me make this perfectly clear.
  7. I am here to support you. 
  8. You will make "ripples".
  9. This training is for you so use it.
  10. What do you want to offer camp this summer?

Listen to the episode for the 2 bonus statements and complete details.