Self Awareness & Regulation - Because of Summer Camp #4

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Camp Teaches Kids Self Regulation and Awareness

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Have you ever thought about how aware you are of yourself and your impact on your surroundings?

I want to share with you two things that really “grind my gears”.  it’s really hard for me not to get angry when I see people littering or changing lanes without signalling (did your body just tense up too?). It’s even harder for me not to make a judgement about those people doing those actions. After years of getting irrationally mad and passing judgements, I’ve come to the conclusion that people who litter, and don’t signal when changing lanes aren’t doing it out of purposeful malice. They simply aren’t thinking about the environment or for the safety of other drivers are on the road. And really, I can only feel bad for those people that they didn’t learn the lesson of self awareness and regulation at camp! Yes, I realize that in itself is passing a judgement, just bear with me please.

On this episode of The Because of Summer Camp Podcast, we are excited to welcome Jocelyn “Etsy” Lewis to the podcast to discuss how camp can teach kids to understand themselves and realize their potential impact on the world. A big part of Etsy’s life is working to facilitate an intentional community in downtown Windsor for women in transition.

Tune in to hear lots of stories about how camp can teach kids about being responsible for their own behaviour and responding to their limits in a healthy and happy way.

Thanks for listening!


Tangible Take-Aways - Applying camp’s lessons to your life

Iscus - The Apple Theory. An exercise in self regulation. Before you unconsciously snack, check if you are really hungry. Think about your most favourite fruit or vegetable, if you really want to eat, then eat that! If you don't want that fruit or vegetable, than you probably don't need to be eating in that moment!

Arae - When in a conversation or a group meeting and you have an idea that you think is really good, let it go by for a bit and let other's get their points in. It allows for you to take a second to appreciate others and realize that if your idea is important enough, there will be a chance to share it later.

Etsy - Identify a physical/mental/emotional/spiritual need that you have and start a new habit that will keep one of those needs on track.

Please feel free to comment below on how you did with our challenges. Good luck!

Your Hosts

Jocelyn "Etsy" Lewis,  - Intentional Living Community in Windsor, Ontario

Matt Honsberger, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast

Ian Paton, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast