Initiative - Because of Summer Camp #1

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Camp teaches kids initiative.

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Welcome, friends, to the first episode of The Because of Summer Camp show.

First of all, we need to express are extremely grateful we are to you for taking the time to visit us and listen to the podcast. Whether you are a long-time summer camper, a parent of a camper or someone who is interested in this summer camp “thing”, you are welcome here and we are forever grateful for you.

This episode, we decided to start things off with a bang by bringing on The CampHacker himself, Travis “Zoic” Allison to talk about his experience with initiative at camp. For those of you who know Travis, you will know that he lives and breathes initiative. From his photography, to his multiple projects with CampHacker.TV, Travis is always busy taking the things he is passionate about and making that his life’s work. In his words, “no one had ever done a podcast about summer camp before, so I just did it”.

Just do it. It’s not just a dated slogan.

One of the best things about camp (one of the many best things), is that whether you are a camper, staff member, or alumni, camp can always find a way to highlight the skills you tell you about how good you are at them. Every day that a person spends at camp, the more empowered they become to take the initiative to share their gifts. When kids feel empowered, they feel driven to add our passions and skills into our lives. Imagine a world where kids are acting on the things they are truly passionate about. Pretty great, eh? Come and see it in action at camp.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Tangible Take-Aways - Applying camp’s lessons to your life

Iscus - Make a list of the things you are passionate about and find a way to integrate one of those passions into your daily work.

Arae - Take the initiative to actually catch up with someone you really care about. Don’t just say, “we should hang out sometime!” Set a date, and do it!

Zoic - Learn something that will take your knowledge one step deeper. Don’t forget to “consume less and create more” by not just consuming knowledge, but applying it!

Please feel free to comment below on how you did with our challenges. Good luck!

Your Hosts

Travis Allison, Summer Camp Consultant - CampHacker.TV

Matt Honsberger, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast

Ian Paton, Co-Host - The Because of Summer Camp Podcast