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Tool of the Week - Ultimate Camp Resource - CampHacker #8

Ultimate Camp Resource is the wikipedia for summer camp before the end of the summer.


I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Pallatto, one of the creators of the Ultimate Camp Resource at the Northeast YMCA Camp Conference.  Chris spoke on the innovation that is happening in the camp field.

Chris and his co-creator Ron have had created literally the ultimate camp resource for professionals.  Camp songs, games, skits - it's all there.

Dan Weir
Director of Camp Services at Frost Valley YMCA


Tool of the Week - Standing Desk - CampHacker #8

So my tool of the week is a Standing Desk.

I have been using once for the past few months. Research shows that standing desks are healthier, and can expand your life expectance. If you have some basic woodworking skills they are easy to build.

I bought mine - an old post master desk. Here is a link to a photo of my set up in the camp office. Notice I also have a ball to sit on - not a chair - I haven't used the ball in a while. Eventually might lose the other desk...


Tool of the Week - Buckeye Leadership Workshop - Camphacker #7

My tool of the week this week is the Buckeye Leadership Workshop.  Every week I use some of the knowledge that I have gained from four years attending.

Buckeye Leadership Workshop is a one week (Wednesday night to Sunday Afternoon) workshop. Buckeye is like no other conference that I have ever been to.  It is a community.

I have been attending the Buckeye Leadership Workshop since March of 2007 - it is the only conference that I make a must attend on my schedule each year.

After a couple of years attending, I joined the planning committee, I love it that much.

Jim Cain of Teamwork & Teamplay recommended it to me years ago, and Jim's Teamwork & Teamplay co-author, Barry Jolliff, sits on the planning committee still.

I'm glad Jim recommended it. Well worth attending.

This year's Buckeye Leadership Workshop is March 23 - 27 at Recreation Unlimited, just north of Columbus, Ohio.

Hope to see you there.