Tool of the Week - Buckeye Leadership Workshop - Camphacker #7

My tool of the week this week is the Buckeye Leadership Workshop.  Every week I use some of the knowledge that I have gained from four years attending.

Buckeye Leadership Workshop is a one week (Wednesday night to Sunday Afternoon) workshop. Buckeye is like no other conference that I have ever been to.  It is a community.

I have been attending the Buckeye Leadership Workshop since March of 2007 - it is the only conference that I make a must attend on my schedule each year.

After a couple of years attending, I joined the planning committee, I love it that much.

Jim Cain of Teamwork & Teamplay recommended it to me years ago, and Jim's Teamwork & Teamplay co-author, Barry Jolliff, sits on the planning committee still.

I'm glad Jim recommended it. Well worth attending.

This year's Buckeye Leadership Workshop is March 23 - 27 at Recreation Unlimited, just north of Columbus, Ohio.

Hope to see you there.