Golfer Ben Crane's 3 Questions that will improve ANYTHING


I find the Building a Story Brand podcast to be helpful and insightful on each episode.

I loved these lessons from golfer Ben Crane. He sends a voicemail to his team at the end of every round of golf with the answer to each of these 3 questions:

  1. What did I do well?
  2. What did I learn?
  3. What am I going to DO about what I learned? 

These 3 questions really give you a chance to focus on the positives and build from what you did. 

If you are a supervisor it would be a great check-in mechanism to have your people send you the answers to those questions every Friday.

Why not create a simple Google Form and have an automatic email that goes out every Friday at 11:47 that asks your staff to fill in the form before they finish work for the week. 

The Form works on phones so it would be a simple check-in that would also allow you to monitor growth over time.