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You know that moment when you say something out loud and you get the shivers because it just feels so RIGHT?

That's everyday in Go Camp Pro for us.

Since I started the CampHacker Podcast (and everything that has followed: Camp Pros, more podcasts, keynote speaches, ACT Onsite visits) I have been working hard to have maximum impact on the camp industry.   It has been so amazing to meet so many like-minded people and get to work with leaders in our industry.

I've come to realize that my personal mission in life is to get the summer camp industry to such a high level that parents will feel like they've failed their children by not sending them to camp

One of my biggest dreams through this whole process has been to create a place where year-round camp staff and directors could share ideas, learn new skills and get great resources to make their lives easier.   

I'm so glad that its finally happened.   

Beth and I are so excited to partner with Laura & Jack from Camping Coast To Coast and James Davis from Summer Camp Revolution on Go Camp Pro.   

It's has the elements of a great camp conference... at half the cost.

Want to make your life as a camp leader easier and more fulfilling?  Go Camp Pro