Camp Recipes for In-Season Vegetables – Corn Pancakes

As bright yellow cobs of corn weigh down their sturdy stalks in Ontario, I write this blog from a place of near-hallucinating exhaustion. I am longing for the days when I had time to make delicious hearty breakfasts before I decided I was woman enough for two jobs. Which I totally still am, by the way. 

The recipe below, for Corn Pancakes, is a great use of in-season fresh corn on the cob (or leftovers), but can be made from canned corn if no fresh corn is available. By the way, as the partner of a former corn-farmer, I am obligated to insert here that “there is no such thing as peaches and cream corn” and something about brainwashing, and that the all-yellow stuff is way better than ‘bi-color’. (Happy?) 

As a Dutch girl, I’m supposed to dine on chocolate sprinkle sandwiches and thin crepe-like pancakes filled with all things sugary and sweet for breakfast. I know this, yet I yearn for savoury. Don’t get me wrong – I make a mean pumpkin Chai pancake, but given the choice, most mornings I’ll pick bacon ‘n eggs over waffles.

This recipe soothes my savoury cravings, my corn-farming prince charming, and the grumblings of my ancestors (“Be still, you gorgeous blonde giants! It says pancakes!”). With the perfect amount of sweetness from the corn, these little beauties are great topped with sweet-chilli sauce, as a substitute for hashbrowns with bacon and eggs, or even as a ‘bun’ for egg sandwiches. 

Corn Pancakes – Serves 60 (as a side)


30 eggs

4 2/3 C milk

1 3/4 C butter, melted

10 C flour

5 tbsp baking powder

5 tbsp onion powder (option to use green onions)

Corn from 2 dozen cobs of corn


1.     Combine eggs, milk, and butter.

2.     Whisk in flour, baking powder, and onion powder.

3.     Stir in corn

4.     Drop by large spoonfuls onto medium-heat flat top grill.

5.     Flip once until golden on both sides

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