The new WHY, HOW and WHAT of CampHacker

Beginning the Summer Camp year with a clear mission

Taking aim at summer camp 2014

Taking aim at summer camp 2014

Every camp director is used to feeling the first cold nights of fall and beginning to think of the goals of the new year.  You know and I know that the new year doesn't begin on January 1 - it starts about 10 days after the last camper leaves.   That is the moment when we take a deep breath and jump in with both feet on next summer. 

At CampHacker HQ that habit is long ingrained in us.   Beth and I (and all of our guest writers, podcast hosts and friends of the business) look at the year ahead and make our plans.   Let me tell you... there are BIG CampHacker plans for this year. 

Before we get into those plans we wanted to share with you our new, clear mission.   

Have you listened to our show called Camp Is Dead (CampHacker podcast episode 39)?  That, my CampHackers, is one of my biggest fears.   By not being willing to innovate and change we are driving summer camp of a cliff.

At CampHacker, we are committing in this space, and publicly, that we are going to throw all of our resources into saving summer camp. We know that we won't be the only ones to do it but we hope that we can provide places for the discovery and discussion that leads the camp community to a sustainable future.


Make camp a priority for EVERY family

Make camp a priority for EVERY family

CampHacker exists to be the BEST possible resource to the camp community so that they can help make summer camp a priority for EVERY family.  


We are going to fulfill our WHY by: 

  • Raising the level of staff professionalism in our industry. It's already very high but it can go higher - in fact it MUST.  
  • Raising awareness of the incredible impact of summer camp on children and young adults. 


CampHacker is going to do this in every way possible.  To us that looks like:

  •  Creating great free online communities for camp staff to share ideas and resources - check out the free Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook. There are 1800 of the smartest CampHackers in the world chatting together every day.
  • Hosting CampHacker Insider mastermind groups (launching fall 2013, email Travis if you are interested).  Mastermind groups are 6-8 CampHackers who gather twice a month for discussion about all aspects of their camp business.   CampHacker Insider members will work together on making each camp in the group remarkable in every way.
  • Putting out free summer camp audio and video podcastsCurrently we offer the CampHacker podcast (what we've taken to calling "The Big Show") two times a month. It's available on the CampHacker YouTube channel and in the Podcast section of the website.  We also co-host the Scott Arizala Show (season 2 begins winter 2014).   
  • Free Newsletter for CampHackers.  Our twice monthly email newsletter with great resources for training better camp leaders, running camp efficiently and marketing like A BOSS.  Sign up for the CampHacker newsletter now and get great ideas sent to you in the next 24 hours.
  • Selling digital downloads of our CampHacker Tools.  Buy our marketing, staffing and leadership training tools right from this website (available winter 2013/14)
  • Speaking engagements at conferences.  Travis and Beth (and our podcast hosts) are going to be speaking at conference across North America.  We would love for you to join us at the Camping Professionals Institute this December for Beth's S.T.A.N.D on the E.D.G.E. leaders course (so you can run S.T.A.N.D. at your camp) and my Online Marketing for Summer Camp intensive.
  • Webinars.  Online courses in camp marketing and leadership training.
  • Mini Conferences.   Day-long "unconferences" and gathering of the Summer Camp Professionals tribe.

Will you join us in making summer camp a priority for EVERY family?