10 Year Paddles - Camper and Staff Recognition

Celebrate the History of Your Summer Camp

One of my favourite traditions at Cairn is recognizing people for their contributions to the community by presenting them with their 10 Year Paddle. 

People who have been involved at camp (as a camper, volunteer, staff member or board member) for 10 years are given their 10 Year Paddle in a night-time ceremony.   This tradition is pretty new - only in the past 10 years or so but there are already over 100 paddles up in the dining hall.

I am excited to be receiving my 20 year paddle at the end of this season!  I'll be joining about a dozen other 20 year-ers.   Beth is the only one, so far, to receive her 30 Year Canoe.

Check out this video I made a couple of years ago about 10 Year Paddles.