A "HINT" to Avoid Cancellations - Joanna Warren Smith

Summer camps are reporting last-minute cancellations

They do happen because of illness or summer school, but the cancellation without justification can be avoided if you nurture your relationships with campers and their parents right before camp.

Even though you are in high gear now, it's worth the effort to ...


  • SEND A 'CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT CAMP' NOTE.  Campers love getting snail mail, but if that's not possible, send a camper email to parents requesting that 'they print it out for their camper.'  Age-specific comments about the great times ahead with a terrific visual or two can help campers feel more comfortable about their approaching adventure.  The language of the first-time camper note should be different from the one sent to returning campers.
  • PRIORITIZE 2013 PARENT CALLS & EMAILS.  Go on heightened alert to respond immediately to each communication from a current family.  If their concerns or questions are not addressed instantaneously, they may get 'cold feet'.
  • REMIND FAMILIES OF ACCESS.  Even though you have said it repeatedly, it is comforting to parents when you send a focused email that gives details of how to communicate with you during the summer.  Send this just before their child comes to camp, be certain to give an emergency number and define a truly urgent situation.

Please do what you can to avoid the possibility of developing a cancellation trend.

Have a great, safe summer... 


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