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Developing a consciousness to be fair to all your staff and campers

A camp director's time is the best currency we have to offer.   We, obviously, don't pay our staff what they are worth (for all of the responsibility that they have) but giving a moment to truly listen to a staff member or camper can mean a great amount.

I love Scott's trick of tracking how much time, and whether it is positive or negative, that he spends with each staff member.  By being conscientious and measuring he can make sure he counters his natural human instinct to play favourites. 

Trouble seeing the video? Watch: http://youtu.be/pZhzm05-iGo

About Scott Arizala

Scott is one of the leading experts and premier trainers on kids, staff and the experience of summer camp. He earned his B.A. from Ithaca College, with a double major in Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in Gender Studies. He has been involved with camps and youth development for over twenty years as a camper, counselor, administrator, teacher and consultant.

About Travis Allison

Travis is a former Executive Director of the 5 summer camps of Cairn who now works as an online marketing strategy advisor who specializes in the private school and summer camp industries.  

Travis produces the CampHacker podcasts and blog, the Scott Arizala show, and manages the Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook.

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