Facebook Secrets for Super Summer Camp Marketing

Free Summer Camp Marketing Webinar 

Blake Sunshine from SocialSummerCamp.com

Blake Sunshine from SocialSummerCamp.com

I'm so excited to co-host this webinar on Facebook marketing with Blake Sunshine. Blake is doing some amazing stuff over at her website socialsummercamp.com.

Blake is a former camp leader who also used to work at Facebook. She has some amazing insights to offer camp leaders about how to use Facebook for marketing. She's going to be talking about ways to target Facebook ads and get your camp in front of the right kind of camp families.

Check out some of her brilliant articles on Camp Marketing:

If you have any questions that you want us to answer please e-mail me travis@socialcatalyst.ca.

[edit: I figured it was easier to edit this post to take out the registration info an drop in the video instead.  Thanks to the dozens of people who attended this webinar each time we've run it!]