How to Begin and Run a Mastermind Group for Summer Camp Leaders

Building a Team to Support Your Own Leadership

A Mastermind Group is: 

Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

(from Napoleon Hill's book: Think and Grow Rich - [affiliate link]) 

We've been talking on both the Camp Professionals Group and our CampHacker Patreon page about the idea of Mastermind Groups for camp leaders.    I believe that a Mastermind Group could be a huge success factor for busy directors. I, personally, have a Moving Mastermind group that I loved. It met every Monday at 06:45a.m.

  I'm going to use this space to lay out how a group will work.

Definition of Mastermind Group

A small group that you meet with for the purpose of reinforcing growth and success while offering support to one another; a group that has been identified and set aside to concentrate specifically on growth and manifesting success in the following areas; finances, spirituality, relationships, and or health.  Mastermind groups achieve success by visualizing goals, creating intentions, setting achievable goals, and sharing resources.



The Ideal Group  (4-6 members)

  • can be a non-compete group
  • can have a non disclosure contract

What Will I Get From a MasterMind Group?

  • people who share your passion for business growth and want to help you
  • a team of people who will work together with you to solve tough problems in your business
  • a regular companions who are going through the same things you are at the tough times of the year
  • friends who will hold you accountable for the plans you make

What will meetings be like?

  • if you live close to your group you can arrange to meet on a regular basis
  • you should plan to meet for one hour at least twice per month.  Many effective masterminds meet once a week
  • it is still possible to meet regularly with your group if you choose to use free, online meeting tools (Google Hangouts,
  • In a meeting people will take turns being in the "hot seat" - this will be their week to ask questions or getting the group to brainstorm solutions to a particular problem
  • At the end of the call each Mastermind member shares one resource (book, website, application, consultant recommendation, etc.)

I share this outline in hopes that camp leaders will be able to set up their own Mastermind groups. There is a lot of sharing and Mastermind organizing going on right now on the Summer Camp Professionals group on Facebook

CampHacker Insider Mastermind members will get an additional 30 minutes of 1 on 1 consulting time with me.