Social Media "Shoulds" for this summer

Keep your Social Media Marketing going during the busy season

Welcome to the crazy time! 

Summer camp photography by Travis Allison

I encourage you to take a couple of moments this week to very seriously consider what you are going to be putting out on your website and social media properties over the next 12 months.    

All of the photos and videos you will need have to be shot this summer. 

I hope that you have either hired a photographer/videographer for this summer or at least delegated the job to a senior staff person whom you know will do a great job.  This person needs to be creative, have a lot of drive and be motivated to do their work without a lot of supervision, be a bit competitive (they want your camp to look like the best camp in the world), organized, ambitious, and a great communicator with a lot of personality.

I have a couple of pieces of advice for you for the summer and then an opportunity to receive the complete CampHacker Social Media Plan. 

  • Don't just collect moments, collect stories: people don't buy summer camp because of your 1:4 camper:staff ratio, your new water trampoline or your location.  They buy camp from whomever tells the best stories.  Tell your stories of transformation, of awesome personal accomplishment and people of different backgrounds becoming family. THAT they will buy.
  • If you are a camp that offers camperships make sure that you spend time (with a guardian's permission) collecting the stories of your subsidized campers.   This will help donors understand the value of what they have offered to children.   I, myself, was a camper who went to camp on subsidy and just look at the good it did me.

The CampHacker Social Media Plan for Our Clients

I have a special offer for you.   

We have created an outline of the postion of Summer Camp Social Media Directors.  We  have had amazing response from our camp clients (let me know if you would like consulting for online marketing) to this list we send them in the spring.    

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